How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection Naturally

Now-a-days when people get yeast infection, they know that medications like creams and ointments are only temporary solutions. So, people move towards using natural way to cure yeast infection.

To cure the infection, it will be useful to first understand the nature of the infection, how it starts, how it is passed, and what causes it.

How it starts?

This infection is caused by a fungus called candida albicans. This type of fungus is already present in the body and most of the time it is harmless. But if there is major imbalance happening in the body like feeling sick, dealing with a lot of stress, pregnancy, it can lead to the growth of the fungus, which results in the infection.

How to stop the infection?

It is now known that the problem starts from inside. So, it is known that creams and ointments will not work. One need to know the root cause of the problem. It can be done by the use of natural remedies. The natural remedies are as follows:

a) Oatmeal- Oatmeal sucks the fungus that causes the infection. So, it is recommended to take a lot of oatmeal, once a day. Oatmeal can also be applied directly to the infected area.

b) Honey- Honey has soothing properties. If itching continues in the affected area, apply honey directly to it. This will give relief from itching.

c) Yogurt- Yogurt has many good bacteria. It helps in the body’s immune system. Once the body’s natural balance is back and the immunity is strengthened, body will take care of the infection itself.

d) Garlic- Garlic is very beneficial. It is an effective natural antiseptic. It has antifungal properties that fight the problem and offer quickly.

e) Tea tree oil- Tea tree oil is another great way to get rid of yeast infection. It has antifungal properties.

f) Douche- Douche by using either 1 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide or 1 tbsp of vinegar mixed with one cup of water. Use once a day till symptoms disappears.

Anti-fungal genital washes can be very effective. As an easy,…

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