How to get more from your consultancy

In the fight for attracting the best talent for the organization, the recruitment practices usually include using the services of a recruitment consultancy. This is because they have access to a network of candidates, many of whom are available immediately with the experience and expertise you need. Working with a recruitment consultancy should be a rewarding and successful experience, saving the time to get on with other aspects of your role. Their role is to understand your organization, its needs and culture, and interview appropriate candidates and provide you with a shortlist in an efficient and effective manner.

How to get started

Start by writing down your requirements. This will allow you to assess what each position requires in terms of skills, experience and personal profile. The more details you have about the position the easier and quicker your position will be filled.

Finding the right recruitment consultancy

There are many recruitment consultancies to choose from. The following considerations need to be kept in mind: • Do they specialize in your market?

• How long have they been operating for?
• Have they recruited for your competitors or similar organizations?
• Do they have a consultative approach?
• What proof / evidence can they provide to demonstrate their previous experience? The more detail you provide in your job specification, the more accurate the consultancy will be able to make its search, and the better it will be able to brief the candidates about the role.

Know your budget

One of the main reasons why the recruitment process takes longer than necessary is that there is no definite sign-off procedure in place for the role and there is no defined budget.

Developing a successful relationship with your recruitment consultancy

Most of the times relationship between HR departments and recruitment consultancies can be difficult if the consultancy is not adept at building effective business relationships; establishing apparent lines of communication and managing expectations. Working with a professional recruitment consultancy will make a noticeable difference. It is best to hire a consultancy with a long track record to ensure the process is smooth.

Keeping in touch with your consultancy

They need to keep the candidates interested, particularly the best ones, who may be looking for several other positions simultaneously. A good consultancy will be working with you to keep track of developments and feed them back in a timely manner to…

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