How to Forgive your Partner

Relationships aren’t always easy and sometimes things go awry. Every couple argues at some point, some more than others, and sometimes people do things in relationships that they later regret. Though no relationship is perfect, true forgiveness is the key to smoothing things over when life gets in the way and relationships get rocky. Regardless of whose fault something was, forgiveness can be genuine and learning to forgive can be a great life lesson that helps you in more things than just romantic relationships.

It’s easy to talk about forgiveness, just as it’s easy to simply say you forgive your partner after they apologize (or not) for something they did that made you unhappy. But truly forgiving someone for something is not as simple as saying the words and this is where many people get off track in their relationships. If you do not really forgive your partner for what they did, you can grow resentful of them and their actions, which can lead to your relationship dissolving. The worst part about this situation is that your partner may not realize you are still holding on to the argument or action that’s gotten you to this point.

Letting go of anger is the first step to forgiveness, but that in itself can be a challenge. Here are a few tips that can help you let go of your anger towards your partner:

  • Remember that they are human and that we all make mistakes.
  • Realize that you are letting go of anger for yourself, not for them, so even if you do not like what they’ve done, you know you’ll be healthier for letting go.
  • Remind yourself why you love them and that love itself is about forgiveness.
  • Shift your pain to others in the world who are going through the same thing and realize that no one should go through the suffering of holding on to anger.
  • Time heals, so why spend your time holding on to something that will go away anyway?

Once you’ve let go of the anger you are holding on to towards your partner, be patient and know that forgiveness will come on its own. Without anger, forgiveness comes much more easily and is the first step towards letting your emotions heal naturally. 

Also, do not wait for the other person to apologize for something they may have done wrong. Be the bigger person in the relationship and step up and forgive them before you let the situation fester and get worse. Your forgiveness may be what they need to realize how their actions affected you.

Lastly, though forgiveness is important, you should set limits on what…

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