How To Fold A Bandana

When cowboys roamed the lands the bandanas were a necessity and also have been popular for many years. It is use while robbing a bank to hide their identity or this depend on how to use it and it is also used to keep the dust out of their mouths. Now the style of the standard bandana has changed quite a bit and since they have gone a long way. At present the bandana has shown a brand new use aside from protecting from dust and someone finding out your identity now it is a popular addition and accessory to many outfits in a wide range of cultures. You would like to know how to wear such an accessory if you already have purchased one, there are three substantial ways of it:

The classic cowboy wear is still popular in its original place, around the neck. Fold your square bandana in two and with the flat side towards your neck tie it in the back. The tip should point straight down your chest. You can fold it up a little or even wrap the flat in a little so the tip is shorter. It is a fun way to wear it if you are going for a more funky and fun look. It also serves, although slightly, to protect your neck from cool air.

You can create different looks with the help of it because it has different styles which create a real fun look. It is a great way to help you keep your hair out of your face while still looking great! Only fold the square bandana in half, and place the folded side on your forehead and tie the two ends at the back of your neck. If you have long hair its great to tie it under the hair and leave it loose. Its fairly simple, and quite possibly you have seen someone wear their bandana this way in the past. There are two alternatives, either to leave the pointy end out or tuck it under the knot. It’s usually called the do-rag fold, though not all will agree.

A sweatband style is last way to wear it. You can choose to have it thicker or thinner, depending on your taste or the look you are going for. It is very simple, just fold the bandana as before, the…

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