How to Find the Perfect Microscopes

When it comes to finding the perfect microscopes for your lab, you could get easily confused as there are so many types of models available. Whether you need the instrument for educational,industrial,medical or laboratory purposes, you need to know about the various features and capabilities of the different types of models available to choose the right option.  

Choosing the Right Microscope

Microscopes are generic lab instruments which serve the needs of various types of users.They are quite unlike other laboratory instruments such as analyzers,spectrophotometers or centrifuges which meet a specific purpose.If you are a student who intends to use a microscope for study purposes, you should look for an educational microscope.Medical and research lab professionals should examine the wide range of laboratory microscopes to find the right ones for their needs.The instruments for laboratory purposes can be further categorized into fluorescence microscopes,stereo inspection scopes,zoom binocular microscopes.Each type comes with different features and uses.

Regardless of the purpose,take the following points into consideration when purchasing a microscope:

Durable Construction

If you want your lab equipment to stand the test of time, you have to make sure that you invest in a quality microscope with a durable construction.A sturdy well-built frame and minimal vibration and fluctuation are qualities you should be looking for.

Right Optics

Though the lenses are the most important part of the microscope,they are just the part of the whole package.Without a quality focus system even a great lens is worthless.Some questions you can ask while looking at lens specification are:Is it color corrected (achromatic)?What is the optical distortion level and whether it will obstruct your work?Can the lens be easily replaced if damaged?

Choice of Resolution

Microscope resolution is the ability to see close but separate points as distinct.In other words,the resolution refers to the…

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