How to Establish your Corporate Identity on Web

Be it a small, medium or large corporate organisation; a strong internet presence is a must. In the present time internet uses in the form of online info searching, online transactions, social media sharing and online shopping are at the peak.

If you’re a business owner without a running website, Sorry..!You don’t deserve a seat at the front; better go to back benches to find one. And if you do run a full-functioning one, it’s really awesome!! Anyways here are few important tips for start-ups who seek to have a productive website.

Things you need to take care while (or before) designing a website:

A good planning is always the first thing to do before starting anything. At this point you are at least burden-free to discuss the matter effectively, and broadly. Here you think about how many pages, what services & links on pages and which features you need to include. If you’re inexperienced, go for a good company providing good web design for small business.

  • Good appealing domain name:

Choosing a suitable domain name matters the most. You got to insert your full brand name as your domain. Remember no special character should be used between the texts (treated as going against search engine’s lookup).

I underlined the term branded. Not all logos are branded. Don’t think that branded ones are totally of a different kind. They are very simple but differently presented. And not to forget that they symbolize your company’s name and forte. Here consulting a good corporate logo design company or professional would come handy.

Whatever colour scheme you’re picking, it has to match your brand, logo, provided services/products and must look cool to human eyes. Selecting a suitable colour combination is not that difficult, I guess. Just take your favourite colour, lighten and darken it gently to get an approximate good combination. A little work on your style-sheet would yield some value.  

  • A happening theme/template:

Remember the theme should be attractive…

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