How to dump the square decor and deck your halls with the latest holiday looks – Orange County Register

There’s more to the holiday decorating than silver and gold, red and green. With a little tweaking here and adjustment there, you can update your seasonal look just in time for all those family photos and Instagram moments.

Christmas 2017 appears to be shaping up as a hodgepodge of old and new, time-tested and bold. So what’s new? Many designers are embracing the Scandinavian idea of hygge, pronounced “who-guh.” Think warm, snuggly and laid back.

“This season, Bed Bath & Beyond has embraced the hygge lifestyle trend of relaxed, casual and cozy living. It is really an update on ‘old-fashioned’ designs with a focus on surrounding yourself with soft, cozy and beautifully crafted items that can transform your home into a relaxed place to enjoy life with your loved ones,’’ said Barbara Weston, director of Global Trends.


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