How to Deal with Noise in strata community

It’s important to realize that living in a strata community is about collaboration. Everyone should consider about peaceful enjoyment of people living within the strata scheme. Pets, parking and noise are some major issues in strata living. Generally we don’t think about noise until it happen. There is a level of noise which is acceptable and we respond to this noise accordingly .But when extensively annoying noise happens, the problem is whether to tolerate it or you need to take action against this.  Sometime it’s better to raise a complaint against noise else you will get into trouble when they get worse.

 Noise from animals, alarms, machines and parties can be very annoying. Except these Common noise problems range from music played too loudly, loud conversation, the barking of dogs, slammed doors, noisy wooden floors, and renovations. You can keep a log of these noises and contact your local council or police or EPA to take action .Beside that you can also follow some steps to prevent noise being an issue for you without involving local council or police.  Try to solve the issue cordially by talking to them because some time people do not realize that they are being noisy. But if the noise continues, you can contact your local council.

Prevention notice

 Local councils can serve various notices on people such as a prevention notice contains conditions on ways of preventing or stopping noise, a noise control notice sets an acceptable noise level for a specific item of noisy equipment. They can serve notices on people requiring them to control unpleasant noise and instructing them what levels of noise are acceptable. The notice can require the noisy activities to be restricted to certain times of the day or certain days. If the notice is not complied with, the council can issue a fine or prosecute.

Noise abatement order

This is a court order issued to stop offensive noise or to prevent offensive noise from recurring. Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 a (POEO Act) a resident or a person in a commercial or industrial basis who is affected by offensive noise can seek a noise abatement order. Your local court can tell you what information the court needs for them to consider issuing an order. Contact details for your local court are in the White Pages under ‘Local Courts’ or on the Lawlink website. Local council can serve notices requiring them to control unpleasant noise and instructing them what levels of noise are…

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