How To Deal With Bitchy Office Mates

Put dozens of people from different backgrounds and locations into one space, and fireworks will likely fly. While some offices run like well-oiled machines, other offices suffer from problems because of one or more workers. Nearly everyone in the world has at least one person they work with who they just plain don’t like, and many people complain that their co-workers are toxic to the infrastructure of the office. Learning how to deal with and handle bitchy co-workers can make the office a better place to work.

Learn When to Walk Away

Learning when to walk away is important for anyone who works in an office setting. Workers always complain about that one person who steals ideas and take credit for the work that others did. Supervisors often want to know that the people working in that office are part of a team, and trying to drag down one worker can make anyone look bad. When a co-worker frequently whines about her home life, or an employee constantly makes rude comments about clients, walking away is often a better choice than confronting that person.

Find Compromises

Finding a compromise is an easy way to deal with a bitchy co-worker. Compromises can exist in numerous forms. A group of workers who all have problems with the same person might agree to take turns working on projects with that person. Some offices can also benefit from mixing things up when it comes to seating and office spaces. If one man always seems to cause a problem, the office might frequently change seats and desks, giving everyone in the office a break from working next to that person every day.

Focus on the Positive

It is sometimes hard to focus on the positive when a bitchy co-worker just won’t stop talking. Now is the perfect time to take a deep breathe, walk away from the situation and give everyone time to cool down. After coming back from that break, discover how to focus on the positive aspects of the job and that co-worker. Talk to a gossipy co-worker about her own life instead of the…

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