How to Construct a Scrapbook in 4 Easy Steps

Scrapbooking is definitely one of the world’s favorite crafts. Scrapbooks offer a way for people to preserve memories, organize and store photographs, and just experience the joy of creating something out of nothing. If you’ve ever wanted to give this craft a try, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is, especially if you use a plastic comb binding machine to bind your book. Here’s how to construct a scrapbook in 4 easy steps:

  • Gather your supplies. The first thing you’ll need to do is gather up your supplies. Since you’re going to be using a plastic comb binding machine, you’ll need a selection of combs in various sizes as well as front and back covers. You will also need scrapbook paper which you can find at craft stores. (If you prefer, you could design your own paper on your computer and then print it out.) Other supplies to round up include gel pens, stickers, photographs, and an acid-free adhesive such as rubber cement.
  • Punch your paper. Once you have your paper all stacked and ready to go, you can begin punching holes in it with your comb binding machine. Keep in mind that the device has a specified punching capacity, i.e. 5 pages, 15 pages, etc. Be sure that you don’t punch more than the recommended amount. Also, do not punch more than one plastic cover at a time. Doing so can damage the machine’s punching dies which can shorten the lifespan of the device. Finally, if you’re not sure what your machine’s punching capacity is, consult the instruction manual.
  • Bind your scrapbook. Now that your paper has been punched, you’re ready to bind your scrapbook. Choose a comb that’s large enough for your document. Your machine probably has a comb selector that will help you measure the thickness of the document and determine which size comb is best. After the comb has been selected, use the machine to open it. Then thread the plastic prongs through the holes in your scrapbook and close the comb. You now have a bound scrapbook!
  • Decorate it. Since your scrapbook is now bound, you get to have fun with it. Decorate the book with stickers, paste photographs in it, write diary-style entries, and so on. This is your scrapbook so decorate it and work on it to your heart’s content. Have fun doing it and be sure to share your work with your friends and loved ones if you want.

Constructing a scrapbook is really easy when you follow these four steps. If you want or need to create a scrapbook to preserve your memories, give this process a try today. You’ll undoubtedly have…

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