How to Clean Your Sofa Without Professional Help

You have been taking care for your home long enough to know that everything gets dirty very quickly without proper maintaining. And you have to put much efforts to keep everything in shape. Your beloved sofa is getting huge amount of dirt every day – you sit on it, coming from outside, when you invite friends over you have your coffee there and no mater how much you keep it sometimes incidents happen and you end up with stain to remove.

Professional cleaning at least once a year is highly recommended if you want to prolong your furniture’s lifespan. And yet sometimes sofa tends to get scruffy and stained long before spring cleaning when you usually call your local cleaning company and this kind of expense is not planned in your budget. Don’t panic, but read this guide to DIY sofa cleaning and get busy!

Start With Thorough Vacuuming

Sofa is probably most used item in your living room. You are probably vacuuming every now and then and clean any food crumbs right after they occur. But if you want your couch to be in a really good shape you should do thorough vacuuming before you start cleaning it. Sofa accumulates a lot of dust and soil but vacuum will extract most of it from upholstery so there won’t be a chance to blot it when you continue with further cleaning.

Washing Time

DIY washing is not recommended due to high risk of damaging the sofa. However there are some tricks that you can perform instead of real washing procedure. Make a solution with hot water and small amount of cleaning detergent. Take clean cloth or sponge and damp it in the solution. Then squeeze it until it is almost dry and gently start wiping your couch’s surface. This should fresh up its look and deodorize it. If you have any doubts that the detergent is not suitable, or that upholstery is moisture sensitive skip this step – after all your goal is to clean the sofa, not ruin it. If your couch stand water well but your detergents are too strong you can replace them with laundry soap.

Don’t Let the Stain to Remain

Probably the hardest thing when cleaning the sofa on your own is to remove the stains and spots effectively. In some cases this can be done with specialized stain removal detergents. But there are upholstery that are more delicate and detergent could damage them. In this case you can check the Internet for some recipes for home made stain cleaning detergents. Most recipes usually include vinegar, salt, and baking soda – ingredients that are easy to find in every…

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