How to Clean Your Cream Curtains?


When you decorate a living room, you would probably want to go for more light colours to make the area look larger. Most of the furniture should be in light shades as well, and if you have wooden pieces of furniture creating contrast there will be balance. For this room it will be a good idea to install cream curtains, because they’re gentle and give a more formal and stylish look to the room. Unfortunately as elegant as they are, any light coloured fabric tends to get dirty very easy. 


Using the Washing Machine


Therefore you’ll have to clean them more often, so I suggest you choose a moisture tolerant material. There aren’t many homemade dry cleaning solutions and getting your curtains professionally cleaned can be quite expensive. Some fabrics can be cleaned in a washing machine, but when it comes to curtains you have to be extra careful, because some of them are very delicate. To avoid any damage, you should wash them with cold water without centrifuge.


Use little laundry detergent, no bleach and you should put them in some sort of bag or pillowcase in order to protect them from tearing. Once they’re clean comes the drying issue, do not expose them to sunlight while they’re wet, because this may cause shrinking and wrinkles. The mose secure way is to put the curtains in a dryer on low temperature and remove them before they have completely dried. Next comes the ironing, which will be easy, because they are damp. 


Hand Washing Curtains


Here is the other situation, when you have to wash the curtains by hand, see the label because some fabrics require dry cleaning only. Since we’re dealing with cream curtains you’ll need some sort of bleaching product. There is an alternative to the toxic and harmful bleach like hydrogen peroxide for example. It can be bought from any drugstore, it is a 3% solution and won’t damage the fibers, you can also use vinegar. You may not believe it but vinegar can clean almost anything around your house.


Since curtains are quite massive, regardless of their thickness it will be a good idea to wash them in the bathroom tub. Fill it with cold water and vinegar and let them soak for ten to fifteen minutes and if there are any stains apply the hydrogen peroxide first. After spending some time in this solution it is time to rinse the curtains and wash them with a mild liquid detergent. Don’t scrub too hard or you’ll damage the fibers. 


Let them dry inside away form direct sunlight and if there are any…

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