How to Choose Your Pasta

Flour made for Durum wheat is the best one you can use to make pasta. Dough of different consistencies is used to make different pastas. Then of course, you can either make your own or buy readymade pastas. The best thing to do is to use a few readymade ones, like penne, fusilli, macroni&Speggetti, while pastas like lasagne, ravioli, gnocchi, cannelloni &tagliatelle can be homemade. This is the standard procedure by which most pasta restaurants india has follow.

There exists an argument between handmade pasta and mass-produced pasta; which one is better, healthier and more delicious. First, let us see what makes a good quality pasta. A few basic requirements are that, while boiling, too much starch shouldn’t be released or else it will cut down the strength of your pasta. After boiling and cooling, when you pick up a pasta like fusilli, it shouldn’t be too flaccid. This again is a sign of strength and shape retention. So, when you buy good quality pasta like macroni&Speggetti, all these things should be checked while settling on a brand; while, if you are making it yourself, these tests will help in selecting and refining recipes.

The most important thing to check for is flavour absorption and sauce retention. This is basically important as it defines the ultimate taste of your dish, when it goes to the table. When the guest picks up a piece of pasta, it should be adequately coated in the sauce, it shouldn’t drip too much. This is caused by the roughness of your pasta. Good quality pasta is rough, which helps it to hold on to more of the sauce. Handmade pasta is preferred by some chefs as it is always than their mass-produced counterparts. But, good quality pasta producers have particular methods of making their pasta rough.

So, the best way is to test and experiment, again and again. Different chefs have their own preferences and the comfort level they feel with the ingredient is also important. A self-respecting chef will never use mass-produced ravioli…

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