How to Choose the Right Hair Extension for You

Hair Extensions are an effective way of making hair longer without waiting for it to naturally grow. Getting the right type of hair extensions that suits your hair can work wonders for a person but if you are unable to select the right hair extension or the right hair extension products, the end result can be disastrous.

When opting for hair extensions, it is important to have a little know-how about the types of hair extensions available in the market and what will be a good option for you. Here are a few tips and the types of hair extensions discussed in order to help you make the selection.

Types of Hair Extensions

The best option available in the market is human hair extensions. The human hair lasts longer as compared to the other types of hair extensions and it also looks natural. You can apply any form of heat (irons and Blow dryers) but it won’t damage the hair extensions. However, these extensions are expensive as compare to synthetic hair extensions. With the usage of high quality hair extension products, the human hair extensions can last longer.  

The other cheaper type of hair extensions is the synthetic hair extensions which are artificial hair. These hair extensions have a little shiny unnatural look. However, these are best for the women who just want to experiment with their hair, want to add highlights in their hair without actually getting them dine on their natural hair, and for woman who are on a strict budget. These are less expensive as compared to the human hair extensions.

Methods of Applications

Remy hair extension is one of the application methods which bundles the human hair in order to keep the ends and the roots in the right direction. This method of application results in the hair being tangled free. This method is considered as a healthy method of application of hair extensions.

In the seamless hair extension method, the extensions are closely placed to the head instead of the hairline. This creates an illusion of…

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