How to Choose a Guitar

There are many people that would like to learn to play a musical instrument.  Many decide to learn to play the guitar since it is an instrument that a person can learn the basics rather quickly.  But once you have made the decision to play guitar the first thing you will have to do is buy a guitar.  But what types of guitars are there and which type should you buy?  Where should you go to buy a guitar?  How will you know which guitar you should buy once you have decided what type you want? To the person who has been playing guitar for a while these may seem like simple questions, but to the beginner they are the perfect questions to be asking. So let’s talk about them.

There are basically two types of guitars: acoustic and electric.  An acoustic guitar is the choice for most beginning guitar players.  It is larger and hollow with a whole in the body of the guitar where the sound comes out.  It is usually lighter and has a nice smooth sound to it.  The advantage of the acoustic guitar is that it is built to project sound and doesn’t need to be plugged in through an amplifier (although there are those that do plug into an amplifier in case you ever need to run the guitar through a sound system.  They are called acoustic-electric guitars).  In my opinion it is a great place to start without having to buy any additional equipment.  You can just pick it up and start to strum.  It might compare to buying a piano where you have one natural sound.

Electric guitars are usually a dense solid piece of wood with electronics on the inside.  Underneath the strings you will see a number of pick-ups.  They are called that because they pick up the sound from the strings and send it to the amplifier.  Most amplifiers except the most basic have the ability to not only project that sound but they can take the sound and change it in various ways, from distortion to delay.  This is what makes electric guitars so versatile.  They allow you to find the exact…

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