How to celebrate Christmas with less or no money?

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated by everyone irrespective of country, cast or religion. Different people celebrate Christmas in different ways. Rich people spend much while poor and average people spend less, but everyone celebrates it. If you are looking for a budget Christmas ideas, you can continue reading the article. Here, you will find some great tips to celebrate Christmas with no or less money.

Make a Christmas tree at home: No worries if you cannot afford to buy a Christmas tree. You can make one at home. You will just need some old unused things for this. You can easily find an online tutorial to make a simple Christmas tree at home. Once you design the base, you can decorate it any way you want. You can use almost anything on your Christmas tree. You can apply different Christmas tree decoration ideas to make it better and more beautiful.

Homemade Christmas cards: Instead of buying Christmas cards, you can make them at home. There are many tutorials online to guide you with the procedure. You do not even need to buy anything for this. You can use your old and rough household items. Find a good tutorial at Once you complete making the card, you can design it with beautiful colors or sketch. Write a beautiful Christmas message, greeting or quote in the card. Also, put your signature on the back. You can make such cards for everyone.

Homemade Christmas gifts: If you want Christmas gifts for everyone, you can consider homemade gift accessories. There are many ideas for Christmas homemade gifts including chocolate pack, cookies, sweater, card holder, picture frame, calendars, crafts, flowers, homemade jewelry, CD holder, etc. You can find some more good ideas at

Decorate your home with homemade items: You can make decoration items at home. If you use homemade decoration, it will always look fresh and new. You can make some beautiful decoration items…

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