How To Care For Your Pets During A Storm

NuVet Labs, one of the leaders in pet nutritional supplements, wants pet owners to be fully prepared in the event of another major storm. Six hurricanes have wreaked havoc in 2017 so far and more may be on the way before the end of hurricane season on November 30th.

With this year’s active hurricane season producing monster storms such as Harvey, Irma, and Jose, it’s critical that people know how to secure their pets. The key is pet disaster preparedness, and trying to keep your pets with you whether you ride out the storm at home or evacuate.

The first step is being aware of upcoming storms. The National Hurricane Center provides a tropical weather forecast and other data relevant to hurricane preparedness. If a storm is coming your way, stay updated on the predicted landfall so you can prepare ahead of time and bring your pets inside before the weather conditions escalate. If your pet is not microchipped, ensure their tag information is up to date.

Next, plan ways to keep your pet with you at all times in case of an evacuation. Place your pet in a carrier with their favorite toy or blanket so they are easy to locate and move if necessary. Remember, your pets will be anxious, so keep them close during the event to comfort them. If you are evacuating, look specifically for pet-friendly shelters. The Humane Society is a good resource to locate them fast, however not all public shelters will accept pets, so create a Plan B.

In case you and your pet are unable to stay together during an evacuation, look for pet-friendly hotels or boarding facilities that you can get to if necessary. Be prepared to call more than one because they will fill up fast, and if you cannot find a hotel or shelter, check with your vet to see if they will board your pet.

Finally, ready an emergency kit for each pet that contains the essentials:

  • Collar/contact information
  • First aid kit
  • Medications/medical records
  • Water – 3 day supply minimum
  • Food in a waterproof container – 3 day supply minimum
  • Crate – large enough for your pet to move around
  • Potty supplies – litter, paper towels, plastic bag, etc.
  • Picture of you with your pet to prove ownership.
  • Household items – familiar items can help keep your pet calm


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