How to Become the Professional on Roll Crusher ?

Roll crusher for primary crushing of materials is that it in some stone production line is also very widely used for cement, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, coal, building materials, refractories and other industrial sectors broken, the higher hardness materials. Normally, under the roll crusher roller wear, the roller surface is not cylindrical, forming two big middle small concave profile. At this time a large lump of clay or mud pie is likely to wear through the notch, would not achieve the effect of broken, so the need for repair roller.

In Hxjq, our roller hard surface repair and thermometal hard surface processing technology both achieved a very proud reputation at home and abroad. We mainly developed two types of products in our hard surface research center. One type is roller hard surface repair, and the other is thermometal rotary casting hard surface technology. And these two technologies are mainly applied in roller surface of roller press manufacture and repair, new roller manufacture, the grinding roller and millstone of vertical mill manufacture and repair, and the large-scale crusher’s roller manufacture and repair, which all achieve a lot of outstanding fruits.

Roller Surface Overlaying Welding Repair:

This technology apply can make the service life of the roller last 8,000~12,000 hours again after the repair.

Roller Surface Inserting Bush Technology:

In the process of new roller manufacture or old roller repair work, we can insert new roller set in the previous roller according the clients’ requirements. The material of this new roller set is composed with the casted high-quality steel alloy, and then this roller set is overlaying welded on the roller surface after the heating treatment and gold process, which whole process make the repaired roller own the functions of a new roller.

New Roller Manufacture:

The new roller material is composed of high-quality steel alloy, and what’s more, it adopts the whole body casting or inserting new roller set casting structure, according to the clients’ requirements. In addition, this new roller’s surface is overlaying welded hard-faced layer. So the new roller can be repaired several times after its roller surface is wear-out one day in the future. And its service life will last again over 10,000 hours after each repair technology.

his series of roll crusher machine consist of roll wheel, supporting bearing, tightening and adjustment device, actuating device. The discharge product…

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