How to become a leader

We all know about the importance of leadership and how useful can it be to develop leadership abilities but what prevents most people from becoming leaders is that they mistakenly believe that leaders are born and not made.

According to psychology all of your current personality traits are the result of the experiences you have been through in your life and this means that whatever traits you have now you can still change them.

In short you are not limited by your genes and you can become a leader if you decided to.

So how can someone become a leader? A true leader has certain personality traits

Some people were lucky enough to be born with some of them while the majority of us have to do some effort in order to acquire them but in the end everybody can become a leader .

So what are these traits?

  1. The ability to inspire people: A leader is not a manager. No leader shouts at people or forces them to do what they don’t want to do but instead a leader inspires people so that they become eager to follow him. People follow the leader because of believing that he can help them reach the reward they are after. For example people followed William Wallace because he inspired them by letting them dream of freedom.
  2. Charisma: Most leaders are charismatic and this is why they manage to convince many people to follow them. The good news is that big part of charisma can be learned. If you learned how to talk assertively, if you learned more about assertive body language and if you improved your communication skills you will become charismatic to a great extent
  3. Being a good example:  A leader never gives orders or sits still watching people working but instead he takes the lead and becomes the first on to do the tasks he believes in. If you want to become a leader then know that you can never convince people to believe in something before they see you passionate about it.
  4. The ability to motivate others: Once a leader inspires others he then must motivate them to take actions. If the leader inspired people then left they might start day dreaming instead of doing something useful. A true leader motivates people after inspiring them so that they put their intense emotions into actions. Usually a leader motivates others by understanding their important unmet needs. If all people in a certain town want to live better lives then that’s an important unmet need that the leader can use to motivate them with.
  5. Extreme passion:  A leader must be passionate about his vision…

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