How to be an Effective Leader of a Team

Once you have established that you are a good team player, the next step is moving on higher to the next stage. That is leading a team. To lead a team, one has to be a good and a perfect team leader. He or she should lead by example and prove why they are the qualified to lead the team just like how Cox Communication is as one of the leaders in telecom service.

Being a good leader is not an easy task. The entire responsibility of the team and the outcome of the project likes on a team leader’s shoulder. He or she is accountable for the activities and performance of the team members. Frankly, anyone in the crowd can make decisions irrespective of whether the decision is correct or not. But what separates a good leader from the crowd, is the quality and the ability of making decisions that are good and worthwhile. Some are born leaders, so making decisions come naturally to them while others have to develop skills to make effective decisions.

The first step or you can say that one of the first steps in making an effective decision is what is the outcome you desire. It could be either dealing with a problem or taking advantage of a situation or opportunity. A good leader will know how to confront something head on or move around and flow with the decision that is made.

Another important aspect that you need to watch out for is that don’t expect your team members to do the things that you want to do. Whatever it is that you want them to do; you will have to do it first. Seriously, if you think no one is watching you or inspiring to be like you, you are wrong. Every small move and decision that you make is not only noticed but also noted for posterity. It is like being on a stage or facing a camera. In a sense while you are at work, you will be always in the limelight. So as a team leader, you need to be at the best and perform to the extreme core of your best abilities. You need to drive in the message that you are serious about your passion which is being the best in whatever you do.

Next, when you start out with a vision in your mind let your team members understand and experience the vision too. You need to enlist their passion and energy. These are the two things you will need most after skill and knowledge. Besides that a good leader has to have and keep good relationship with his or her team but at the same time maintains a slight distance in order to avoid a good but difficult decision to be implemented. By keeping a distance you remove yourself from…

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