How to Answer Tough Job Interview Questions?

When you go for an interview, there is already a lot of anxiety and pressure building up inside you. In such a condition, if an interviewer asks a question that you know nothing of, you can end up making a blunder out of your interview. It is best to be prepared in advance, about how you will react under different circumstances while appearing for your interview. This is the trick that helps you to sail through smoothly even from the toughest situations in your interview.


Mostly the questions that can throw you off guard are the ones that require you to tell something about your negative points. It is crucial to do your homework in advance and be prepared to face any such question with full confidence. Another way is to go through a mock interview with any of your friends or family members, who can ask you myriads of questions, so that you can think through all of the answers in advance.


Tips to answer tough questions in an interview


  • Tell me about yourself – This is one of the most common but toughest questions that you will have to answer. Best option to answer such question is to mentally prepare a brief summary of your education, family background and work experience and convey that to the interviewer in just a few words.
  • What are your weaknesses – Rather than telling all about your negative points, you should try to manipulate the positive points in you, and tell them to the interviewer in a way so that he gets convinced.
  • Why did you leave your last job –It is better to be honest whileanswering this question, but be sure to give a valid reason for you leaving the job. Try to put forward all the positive things that you learnt from it and restrain yourself from talking bad about your previous employers.
  • Where do you see yourself seven years down the line – Again, the key to answering this question is to be honest and tell them about your long term goals in life. It is a chance for you to convey your aspirations to…

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