How Safe And Clean Is Your Food?

A food business will require one person to work as full-time to be able to focus on the tons of monumental and even miniscule of activities and tasks that loom ahead. Though the food business indeed proved to be a profitable one, there are many aspects that restaurant owners need to be very meticulous and consistent about such as the strict implementation of standard operating procedures and policies as the restaurant business can become a medium that can put owners into serious legal entanglements.

There should be a guideline with regards to the serving of left-over foods as food can become a source of food poisoning. Foods should be served fresh from the grill, pan or oven, hot foods and drinks should be served when they are supposed to be served hot and cold food and beverages served if they are supposed to be served cold. Storing food items in the fridge or warmer will maintain its optimum serving temperature longer. Needless to say, food should be served according to the standards that meet customers satisfaction and preferences and not for somebody or something else just to save the owners cash box a few bucks. Thus it is a must to observe and maintain proper serving temperature of food and beverages to satisfy customers and above all, ensuring their safety above anything else.

Keeping track of product shelf-life or expiration date is comparable to keeping the incubators desirable temperature at bay for the eggs to hatch. Practice “First In First Out” policy so as to avoid incurring unwarranted profit loss, serving expired food products and possible food poisoning. As deliveries are made by batch and in broad daylight, make sure that labels bearing the expiration and manufacturing date are not tampered and during storage in the stockroom, it should face up or at least placed easily visible.

Store or place food and non-food items away from each other as even by just keeping them together a few feet away can contaminate the food as chemical vapors can…

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