How Ruby Rose Achieves a Unicorn Effect

At night, I use May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon beauty balm. It’s the wildest thing. It’s bright blue, and you only need a small amount. It’s so nice on my skin. I also have the Dr. Spiller Cellular Cream Mask. And there’s this Molecular Mist by Sircuit Skin. It says things like “supercharged, anti-aggression” and all that, but it’s basically a bunch of stuff we need that we don’t get from our diets.

I also have the Nurse Jamie Acellerator device. It helps relax my jaw — I clench when I sleep. And I have one of those weird, LED scary face mask things. I bought it online. I swear LED lights help clear up my skin.


If I’m not working, I keep it pretty simple. I use Urban Decay One & Done foundation and the Troublemaker mascara. It’s really good because it gets all of my stray lashes. I do a tiny bit of eye shadow on my lids — my favorite palette is the Naked 1, which are bronzes, golds and neutrals — and then lip balm. I also like to do a little bit of contouring on my jaw and cheek if I’m going somewhere. And I love highlighting. It gives you a unicorn effect.


I have a fragrance cabinet. I collect different fragrances when I travel. A friend of mine got me Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte when we spent a week in Ibiza. She said it was so we could always remember this trip. Then I have this wild-looking Lubin called Upper Ten; it looks like an old lady’s perfume. I was in New Zealand when I picked it up. It smells like heaven.

And there’s a cool perfume I love when I don’t want to smell overbearing in a meeting: Escentric Molecules.


In a dream world, my hair is Leonardo DiCaprio from the ’90s — the “Romeo & Juliet” era. Right now, it’s a couple centimeters off that. It’s a medium brown with lighter highlights. I had it dyed green for “xXx” and then black for another role. It’s taking a while to get it back from its super-fried condition.

My friend Joey created this company called Eleven Australia. He uses a lot of natural ingredients. The shampoo and conditioner smell like coconut and remind me of the beach. I also like Shu Uemura. I can never pronounce it — it’s too fancy for me. The Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment is really good. I always use that when I blow out my hair. I also like the R & Co Dry Shampoo Paste, but it’s literally like I paid for a bottle of dirt. It’s great, perfect dirt, though!

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I love meditation. I love cleansing my chakras and getting crystals…

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