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shopping series retail revolution. Brick and mortar stores are struggling as online shopping soars, Amazon sales in north America have quintupled to $80 billion since 2010. And ABC’s Becky Worley is telling us how stores are fighting back. ??? Reporter: The in-store versus online shopping war has a new battle front. Retailers desperately want you off your computer and in their stores. Stores across the country are creating experiences for shoppers in store that you can’t get at your computer. It’s called experiential retail. Experiential retail or retailtainment is about using all of the senses to engage the customer. Reporter: Shopping as entertainment. What does that look like? Oh. It is really cold. This is not your typical fitting room. I’m at an Eddie Bauer store in Columbus, Ohio and dropped the temperature to put heat on their online competitors. If I were buying this jacket online I wouldn’t really know how warm it would keep me. They’ve created an icebox chilled to as little as 16 degrees so customers can try out their cold weather gear in cold weather. Brr. Something they can’t do online. You guys are trying to turn shopping into almost entertainment, aren’t you. Yeah, absolutely. We want it to be fun and engaging and want people to come in and engage with our guys in the store and help let us help you out with your adventures. They’re not the only ones. Sephora beauty lovers can take class, experiment with beauty products and digitally try on eyelashes and lipstick. Finish it and all set. Reporter: For golf fan, the PGA tour superstore has gone virtual. Letting customers test their swing and clubs with virtual golf course simulators. What retailers are really looking for is to delight the customer. And there’s a reason we’re putting Becky to work on the treadmill. Even happening with sneakers. This is a perfect example of experiential retail. You want to try out the shoes, how do they feel? Well, a lot of stores have treadmills. They even have running coaches that will tell you, oh, you’re pronated or toe striker. And these shoes are good bad for you. From function to entertainment we’re moving. I have to stop talking now. Running, you’re making me tired. Becky Worley, we thank you so much.

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