How Questioning Your Motivation Depletes A Winning Lifestyle

Are you constantly full of negative energy? Are you always feeling disconnected? If mayhem and unmotivated feelings surround you and your entrepreneurial pursuits then it’s time to gear yourself up for a change. Unmotivated energy can wreck  your home life and career. Think about it…if you are not motivated to take care of  yourself then how in the world will you be able to take care of others? How will you be able to reach success in your business?Let’s take a look at where you are. First and foremost, what is getting in your way from achieving your goals and finding success ? Are you  happy at your current workplace?. If you are not happy at your current career then it’s time to ask yourself where does your passion lie? Are you disciplined enough to seek a career change? Are  you able to move your entrepreneurial dreams and start to focus on one particular niche instead of trying to be all things to all people? Are you finding that you are fearful of what others will say about you once you start to put yourself first and go after  your dreams? Can you answer these questions or are you waiting for the answer?

Well….let me say it’s time to get over it. Yes, get over it because when you do you will find your happiness was waiting for you to climb out of  that obstacle and spiral of doom and propel your life forward. Also, it’s important to remember those same individuals who are not supportive  of you right now will become your best friend because they secretely admire you for doing what they themselves are unable to do. So in essence,  you are their unsung hero.  One final point here about negative people, when you accept their lifestyle, you are essentially living their dreams and not  yours. What about that job? It will be there regardless of pay as it is what it is… a job. A position that pays a salary to  you and if not  you to someone like you. If you decide to stay then make the best of it instead of letting it take the best out of you. Finally, if you have a  business and you decide not to promote or market like a real business woman than expect to get rewards that matches what you put in which is next to nothing. 

Remember, this is  your life… all yours so it’s time you make  those  daily mindset changes that are reflective of who you are and what path you will take to get you there. How so you say, well first it’s time to claim your strength. I am sure you can do something that no one else can. Take a…

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