How it is correct to carry out morning jog?

So, you willingly (or not so), with good mood got out (or jumped out) since morning of a warm bed and floated to change clothes on the street. It is necessary to remember what to leave on jog it is necessary so that you managed to get then into a shower, to have breakfast and a little to have a rest, before somewhere will leave. Here hummocks also will begin. It is necessary to put on, first of all, on weather. Razbyoryom some options.


If warmly the sun, temperature from 17 to 30 degrees also shines: that it is necessary to put on as it is possible easier sports shorts and, for girls, a topic or a bathing suit. Guys in general can go with a naked torso. At temperature above 30 degrees it is necessary to behave carefully not to receive a heatstroke or an organism overheat, it is possible to reduce jog time, it is desirable, that a row was where to find water. At the scorching sun surely put on a headdress best of all a bandana. Easy convenient sneakers, and socks can be not put on. If you are sure that don’t injure a foot that it is extremely useful to run barefoot.


At temperature from 10 to 17 degrees: It is better to put on sports a suit: trousers and top with long sleeves.


At temperature from -15 to 10 degrees: Surely put on trousers (it is possible jeans), then a T-shirt or an easy jacket, and upward an easy jacket. Also indispensable attribute the knitted hat closing ears. If it is cold, can put on still something under a jacket.


At temperature from -25 to-15 degrees: Put on approximately the same as in the previous point, but surely put on gloves, and also it is possible woolen socks, over usual. Put on the same sneakers, but densely laced up that snow didn’t get to them. Don’t climb in snowdrifts and don’t run on ice, for the sake of your health.


At temperature -25 degrees are lower professionals can run only, it is better to fans to stay at home and make morning exercises.


By no means (if you not the paratrooper), don’t put on boots,…

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