How Higher Education Affects Lifetime Salary

All right let’s take this controversial subject to be our new writing episode. So as we all know and everybody generally says that university is something that is so important and vital to the core but, on the contrary of this opinion people think that university doesn’t give you anything except a title. And university rules do not apply on the outside world. So which one is true?


Let’s see, if we look around us and read a bit we can encounter a bunch of millionaires who never graduated from any university with any degree. And these people who doesn’t have any diploma have something in common. So you can ask yourself what it is. Of course it’s the curiosity, passion, guts and a willingness to succeed the hardship they face with. To give an example to the biggest and one of the most famous college dropouts is the genius who is the inventor of the products which are known as Apple. Steve Jobs’ only intention was to create the best product which is the best in functionality and in addition to that being the most elegant product. So he made billions by founding this firm and says; “If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.” 


When we put the exceptions aside “like millionaires”, there are again different factors for payment. So one can ask what they are; they differ in everywhere but one of the most dividing things is the gender issue and sometimes ethnic backgrounds. When we make a brief research about this issue we can see that white people generally earn better than their female and other ethnic counterparts even though they do the same job. For example; an asian with a doctorate degree may earn less or equally than a white man just with a college degree.


Here are some professions that are paying well after graduating from colleges and universities. Professor degree is the highest one that can be achieved by studying so it differs like this, if you are a new…

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