How Do Ethical Hackers Test Their Talent?

The National Cyber League (NCL) is revolutionizing the way people learn and develop the cybersecurity skills necessary to meet rising industry threats. Fall Season registration for NCL’s virtual cybersecurity games is open until Sept. 29.

The real world experience gained through the NCL mix competition and peer collaboration validates a player’s repertoire of skills and tools to combat cyber intrusions, making them uniquely valuable to industries. Some ways NCL teaches and expands knowledge about cybersecurity include:

●    Competition: The NCL hosts regular and post-season games designed to augment existing skills and open participants’ eyes to the vast cybersecurity landscape.

●    Validating Skills: The NCL games are based on the CompTIA Security+™ and EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)™ performance-based exam objectives. Participants work through cybersecurity challenges that hone in on advanced skills that include open source intelligence techniques, scanning, password cracking, traffic analysis, cryptology, web security, and more. NCL Scouting reports are generated to show players their strengths and weaknesses.

●    Gymnasiums and Stadium Play: The NCL Gym provides access to the season’s exercises while the NCL Stadium is a platform for the competition.

●    Coaching: If integrated into a classroom, the non-traditional learning environment offers faculty (coaches) the resources to empower and mentor their students (players).

●    Inexpensive: Regular Season registration is only $25 until Sept. 29.

Sign up now for the Fall Season so you don’t miss out on all these opportunities.

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About National Cyber League:

The National Cyber League (NCL) provides a cybersecurity training ground in a game-like environment that requires participants to work individually during the Regular Season and in teams for Postseason Games. The competition is designed for participants to solve real problems with actual deadlines, under enormous time, technical and resource constraints. Companies seeking qualified talent can view NCL’s Scouting Reports to evaluate potential cybersecurity professionals who have demonstrated skills in NCL game…

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