How Chinese Make Their Skinny Girls Gain Weight

So you want to gain weight? Then going after a simple answer is difficult especially with all the incorrect information found in most forums and blogs. Over my 5 year experience in nutrition I’ve maintained a new balanced Chinese point of view to get rid of skinny body and turn it into a fit muscular body. However most of my clients were females so I intend to focus on skinny girls to let them have their dream body with all the sexy curves.

There are 3 macros to keep in mind when it comes to gaining weight; Proteins, Carbs and Fats. Without them your body is useless and probably skinny flesh on bones. The problem with skinny physique is that it mainly consists of fats not muscles. Therefore the health condition is fragile and not sustainable to any weak disease. Lean muscles, weak bones and low energy is the main symptoms to most “hard gainers”. Yes, they are called hard gainers because they find difficult times to gain weight. No matter how much they eat the body acts as a fat burning machine.

There has been a debate between the most suitable amount of protein/carb/fat ration that can help to maintain the body and gain weight. Most nutritionists went for 50% proteins, 35% carbs and 15% fats. Proteins are superior because it builds the muscles. On the other hand, carbohydrates and fats are what make them going as they provide fuel and energy. Now all of this is considered useless if the amount they burn is much more than the amount they eat. If you ate a large sized food with extreme fatty ingredients and you still burn more than you consume then you are in big trouble. Not only you will not gain weight but you’ll lose weight!

The meal planning part is what counts. It’s all based on your desire what to eat in the day but there are certain rules you must comply to in order to gain weight and feel free and not restricted. Firstly, eat a small or large meal every 2-3 hours. But the period between meals must not exceed 3 hours. Dried fruits, nuts…

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