How Can We Change the Status Quo?

I don’t know about you but I am totally disgusted with our country today.  I spent twenty years of my life serving and defending the country I love only to see it slowly but surely losing its super power status and becoming no better than a third world country!  And every day I ask myself “why is this happening?” and “what can we do?”

Three years ago, the rug was pulled out from under us.  The stock exchange took a huge beating and many companies were forced to close their doors permanently.  Those who managed to survive did it with a leaner organization which meant that tens of millions lost their jobs.

Well it has been three years now and instead of things getting better; they are either staying the same or getting worse.  Companies are choosing to outsource jobs stating that they cannot find qualified applicants!  I find this reason to be totally asinine!  What has happened in the past three years to make qualified workers unqualified?

Every time I see a segment on the news about another manufacturing company who tries to justify why they are outsourcing I just want to scream!  We have 14 million people in our country who are begging for jobs.  You have to wonder where the companies are looking for these people.  Are they notifying unemployment offices?  Are they putting ads in the newspapers?  Are they advertising online?  Are they using recruiters to find qualified workers?

What about you, the job seeker?  Are you looking or have you given up?  Are you just pulling in the max unemployment and figuring that you might as well just take the unemployment until it runs out and then you will job hunt?  Are you turning down jobs that you are qualified for in hopes of that dream job? What are you doing in the meantime to keep up with or even improve your skills?

I feel that changing the status quo starts with us – the little people, the working class.  We need to get real.  We need to accept that job even if it is not the dream job…

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