How Can I Lower My Electric Bills

As we all know, electricity bills can get quite high here in Texas, especially in the summer months. The winter months can also be painful for those that do not have natural gas heating.  There are quite a few ways to reduce your electric bill, including shopping electricity providers for lower electric rates or purchasing energy efficient appliances. With very little effort, you can lower your electric bill by over 30%.  Higher rates of savings can be achieved by taking added steps, but there is an upfront cost associated with those strategies.

Let’s start with the easiest, quickest and most efficient way to lower your electric bill.  First of all, you need to look at a recent electric bill to find your current electric rate.  Most electric companies start their subscribers off at a high base rate which can sometimes be substantially above rates of other providers. Call your current provider to see if they have a lower rate that you can switch to.  If so, write that rate down and tell them you’ll call them back shortly.  Now find a site that lists the cheapest residential electric rates from multiple providers so you can compare those rates to the one your current provider quoted you.  If your current provider’s rate is higher than those listed (it probably will be), go ahead and choose the best rate and make the switch. 

There are other ways to lower your electric rate if you are low-income or disabled.  If you are a low-income household, you may qualify for low-income subsidies, so you should ask your electric company about how to apply for the subsidies. If you are disabled, you may qualify for monthly energy rebates.  Once again, ask your provider about obtaining the rebates.

After you have obtained the best electric rate possible, you can get a lower electric bill by changing how you use the electricity. Using florescent bulbs can help lower your electric bill, since they use less energy. They do cost more than standard bulbs, but you will quickly make up for that upfront cost.  Unplugging your electronics when not in use will also have an impact on your electric bill.  It’s amazing how much electricity your TV and DVD player use even when they are turned off!

There are also several inexpensive purchases you can make to further reduce your electric bill. Your first purchase needs to be a programmable thermostat.  These are very inexpensive and can easily be installed by a home owner in thirty minutes.  You will be shocked…

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