How Body Contouring Treatments Assist Major Weight Loss

When people have achieved major weight loss, whether it is due to diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, sometimes they have large areas of excess skin that is embarrassing and detracts from the weight loss achievement. Body contouring is a kind of surgery that can remove fat and skin and help improve the shape of certain areas of the body. 


The skin that was stretched by excess weight is now unsupported and hangs and sags on different parts of the body. The face, neck and jowls can become droopy and give the person a sad expression. Upper arms may sag giving a bat-wing appearance. Breasts may become flat with the nipples pointing down, and the buttocks, thighs and groin may have hanging pockets of skin. The most common area affected is the abdominal area which is left with an apron-like overhang of skin. 

Contouring surgery treats the underlying tissue that supports the fat and skin improving its tone and shape. The excess is removed and the results are a more normal appearance. The surgery can also be performed on patients who have sagging skin but are of normal weight. 

The patient should achieve their ideal weight and be stable at that weight for a minimum of 12 months before considering this surgery. Significant weight loss or gain after surgery can contribute to poorer outcomes and increase the possibility that a second procedure is necessary. 


In the case of patients who needed bariatric surgery, there may have been medial conditions that were associated with their being overweight. Before contour surgery is performed, the patient should have general medical clearance. There is also the possibility that bariatric patients may have nutritional deficiencies that can have a negative impact on healing. They may cause wound healing complications. These patients should have nutritional assessment, and any deficiencies should be addressed. 

There are risks involved in contouring surgery. The patient needs to decide if the benefits are worth…

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