Hottest Trends for 2018 Revealed in Annual International Wedding Report

“This year promises to be the throwback year we’ve all been waiting for, with vintage inspired eras dominating the industry.”

The International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning (IAWEP) has released the fourth annual International Wedding Trend Report revealing the top wedding trends and statistics for the new year according to the world’s most recognized special events experts.

“Our organization is a global leader in the world of wedding planning, style and design,” shares Kylie Carlson, CEO of IAWEP. “As such, we are uniquely positioned to annually research and reveal the prevailing trends in weddings according to the world’s most influential industry personalities. We are always excited to discover what the new year has in store, and the results of our 2018 conversation do not disappoint.”

Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera shares his insight for 2018 trends, “This year promises to be the throwback year we’ve all been waiting for, with vintage inspired eras dominating the industry. The 1940’s and 1960’s will be particularly popular among couples, along with the classic old Hollywood glamour design that never seems to go out of style.”

Not to be outdone, the food and beverage industry will see a surge in single style bars according to Tutera. “Instead of a general open bar, newlyweds will pare down to one type of cocktail,” he explains. “Bourbon and whiskey bars have been a top choice, along with rose bars and tequila stations.”    

Make Way for Velvet

“Jewel toned velvet has hit the wedding scene as the hot fabric of the year,” says Carlson. “This look is surprisingly versatile, adding a dose of glamour to more minimalist spaces and a textural counterpoint to more organic ones.”

The Hot Shape: Cutting-Edge Curves

“Hard, straight lines have been all the rage for furniture in the past few years, but not anymore,” adds Carlson. “Curving silhouettes with full, soft-bodied cushions represents the shape of things to come, as we see a move to more low-slung cozy couches in décor.”

Move aside Mid-Century Modern

Already popular in the bar and restaurant scene, Nouveau Art Deco is heading our way. Expect bold, geometric shapes to partner with a 1920’s style spin on…

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