Honor and Nourish Your Heritage

Every nation has a heritage of its own. Heritage week is celebrated in different times of the year throughout the world. Heritage Week is observed in many countries in the third week of October, and it is the time when they celebrate their cultural heritage. There is usually a set theme for that week to highlight the heritage of their nation. It is an occasion to reflect about our roots and the meaning of our life.

Every place has a certain heritage

Every region or nation has a particular heritage. People from various places have different food habits, dress codes, climate contexts and other external features. In India, we have different heritages in different regions. But there is a harmony in their search for meaning, struggle for life and the way they solved their problems which help all to live a life in harmony.

Our ancestors

Our ancestors walked on the same earth as we are doing now. They shared the same dream. They aspired for the same truth. They hoped for the same future as we are doing now. In that way we are connected with our ancestors.

Collective wisdom

The knowledge what we inherit today is a collective wisdom from the past. We have learnt secrets about living not only from other cultures but also from animals, plants and other beings of nature. The collective wisdom of ages is what we call heritage or cultural heritage.

Why should we honor and nourish our heritage?

Albert Camus wrote, “Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but only a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.” It is for this purpose that we need to honor and nourish our heritage.

Heritage and history

Heritage is such a strong term that it seems to have become popularly interchangeable with history itself. History stops with the past. But heritage proceeds to the future. It suggests, however, some obligations on the part of the present based on the past, to proceed into the future. The past gives lessons in…

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