Hongxing is Good at Get the Deep Taste Need of Customers.

Some sudden public services and facilities can often cause big reshuffle in the industry and sometimes even change the competition format of the entire industry. As the enterprise is concerned, the abrupt event might be a diseasterous catastrophe, but sometimes can be a new opportunity. The enterprises finding themselves in such trouble should have to maintain high sensitivity and rationality and make agile response or adjustment to it.

The crisis we usually talk about should be considered with two side in our actual practice, since it may be risk to some enterprises, but at the same time, may be an opportunity to other enterprises. Dangerous time may destroy a market, in the meanwhile, it may also invent new demands. For example, the appalling event “melamine C3H6N6” almost destroyed the domestic baby milk powder market, but it created an opportunity for those companies that did not any chances to gain profit to catch up with others by way of appealing green, environmentally-friendly and people-friendly food. Another example is that the public’s protest act promoted the industry development of the supervision to and management of “Dioxin” and replacement of sludge burning.

Although they have known the customers’ deep need of taste, many companies who devote to environment protection did not have a profound knowledge of customers’ real needs. As for the collective members, environment protection itself is not a need at all, because no one need such a thing as “environment protection”, what people really need is the demand of peace, harmony and mental satisfaction concluded by “environment protection”.

The traditional environmental protection industry usually can be divided into water, gas, sound, slag, radiation, monitoring several important category, and those pay for purification management is usually the company or some large manufacture enterprises that have purification emissions. However, this is just the…

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