HomeEscape Successfully Launches the Fastest Growing Vacation Rental Platform Without Fees

HomeEscape is the answer for owners that have been looking for an alternative to the expensive and restrictive online vacation rental sites.

Despite the major changes affecting the vacation rental industry, specifically the rising fees forced on owners and travelers, and the lack of direct communication allowed between users on these platforms, HomeEscape has committed to providing a transparent vacation rental website that benefits owners by being the most economical and efficient marketing channel for their properties.

“HomeEscape is the answer for owners that have been looking for an alternative to the expensive and restrictive online vacation rental sites,” says Avi Vaknin, CEO, and president of HomeEscape. “Over the past two years, we have invested in the best technology and support to accommodate the growing demand of users on our site.”

With existing vacation rentals websites charging subscription fees, booking fees and service fees, many users experience great limitations when it comes to either booking travel or listing their vacation home rentals. Several owners have expressed frustration with having to pay subscription fees for property placement only to find that travelers are not booking their property because of expensive service fees.

This double payment has drastically reduced traffic to owner’s properties, causing financial hardship. Unfortunately, many owners are hamstrung because the only way to maximize visibility of their listing is by subscribing to the “instant book” feature – where they will get a reservation, but will not be able to vet travelers or exercise control over their rental business.

By not charging users booking or service fees, HomeEscape decreases the financial burden of travelers seeking an affordable vacation – a key incentive and one of the primary reasons travelers seek vacation rentals in the first place. Additionally, both travelers and owners can benefit from direct communication on the site – HomeEscape does not limit or filter private conversations between guests and vacation rental owners, and will not do so in the future. Moreover, HomeEscape provides world-class customer support, offering both email and phone support for technical needs.

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