Home Window Security Bars – Uses, Types and Tips


Would you like to install window security bars in your business? One step you’ll want to take in selecting the right window security bars for your home is to decide on the exact goal that you wish to achieve. Would you like to install windows guards so that you can keep the kids and/or pets safe or do you lack confidence in the security in your neighborhood?


Security Bars on Windows Serve Two Key Functions:


1. Preventing wanted entry into your home. Window bars work as security guards, inhibiting unauthorized entry. Security bars are generally created from hard-to-break metals such as stainless steel and wrought iron. Also, they are configured to prevent access, by placing the metal grids close to one another.


2. Creating a safe environment for your children and pets. Window openings, especially on the higher floors pose a falling hazard for small children and small pets. Window guards work as a safety measure, enabling you to keep your windows open without any fear of any accident occurring.


Home window security bars can be bought in many different types, including: removable, non-removable (fixed), expandable and hinged. Each one of these window bar types possesses its own benefits and drawbacks, and you have to weigh them to help you figure out which one is best suited for your business. No matter which type you choose, you would also want to make sure the security bars are resistant against tampering or sawing.


Non-Removable Window Security Bars


As their name suggests, fixed or non-removable home security window guards are fitted and secured permanently onto the window. This means that once installed, they can’t be removed. These bars come in various sizes and materials, and so are often the most affordable. You can decide on many unique designs, starting from basic to more exotic styled bars.


Removable Window Security Bars


Removable bars are made in such a way that the homeowner can completely take them off the windows. They…

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