Hollywood should take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book and keep politics out of the Emmys

John Salangsang, Invision

Taylor Swift performing at the DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night Concert in Houston, Texas Feb. 2017. Swift has been quiet about her political leanings, leading some in the medial to speculate about how she voted in the 2016 presidential election.

Keeping in mind that while the “players gonna play,” and — yes — the “haters gonna hate,” America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift has come under fire since the 2016 presidential election … because she doesn’t talk about her politics.

Swift has avoided talking about politics entirely, except for a neutral Election Day message on social last year encouraging her fans to vote. But that wasn’t enough for many, and speculation begin to fly that she must have voted for President Donald Trump.

Swift’s tight-lipped approach to politics seems to be an anomaly in today’s entertainment industry. With celebrities taking to social media daily to pontificate about their political leanings and widespread groupthink in the entertainment industry, I’m of the opinion that Hollywood has become entirely too political.

The temptation for celebrities to talk about politics is perhaps greater for musicians than actors or writers, since musicians perform live on stage and have hours at their disposal to say whatever they want. The only platform other creators have is award shows.

One of them is coming up this Sunday: the Emmys. While the only thing I really care about for the 2017 Emmys is how many awards “Stranger Things” will grab, politics and awards shows have become seemingly — and disappointingly — inseparable.

Hollywood and others in the entertainment industry need to put a lid on it about politics. Celebrities live inside a bubble of privilege most us can’t understand, and their insipid tirades are delusional at best and hypocritical at worst.

Millionaires in Hollywood lecture working-class Americans about environmental issues, despite the fact that many of them fly in private jets, one of the worst polluters on Earth, even to conferences on climate change.

Hollywood has criticized Trump for his…

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