Holiday Sale for Smart Tweezers, LCR-Reader and the New LCR-Reader-MP Multipurpose Device Starts Monday

Multi-functional Meter LCR-Reader-MP with 0.1% basic accuracy

Starting Midnight on Novemeber 21-st, Siborg will be offering a discount on devices, including the LCR-Reader-MP, in their online store and Amazon sales channels

To celebrate holiday week, Siborg Systems Inc. is offering sales prices in their online store and Amazon sales channels starting Monday midnight. The sale will include Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader LCR/ESR meters, the new multipurpose debugging device LCR-Reader-MP, task kits and accessories.

Siborg has recently released the new LCR-Reader-MP, an unprecedented device for testing and troubleshooting SMT. This device is the newest model in the LCR-Reader line of lightweight LCR and ESR meters and offers a wide range of additional features including voltage/current measurement, diode/LED test, oscilloscope, frequency meter, etc. The popular brand is recognizable by the sharp, gold-plated tweezers combined with a compact multimeter that is able to test components efficiently and accurately with no set-up.

The LCR-Reader-MP offers users more features and the highest basic accuracy of all the LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers devices at 0.1%. The MP has features such as: LED/diode measurements, pulse counting, continuity testing, signal generator, super large capacitance measurements, AC/DC voltage measurements, an oscilloscope mode, and more. Some of the main abilities of the device is testing components using a 100 kHz test frequency that allows for 1 nH resolution for inductance and a 0.01 pF resolution for capacitance. MP is the first to offer a “Large Cap” mode has a wider range of test frequencies that allows for measurements of large and super capacitances up to 680 mF.

Siborg will be showing the product at this years International Electron Device Meeting Exhibits (IEDM) in San Francisco from December 3rd to 5th, 2017.

LCR-Reader devices have become the consumer’s choice for a lightweight LCR-meter since their debut in 2013. This device was meant as an alternative to Smart Tweezers devices; they offer the same functionality with less features and a slightly lower basic accuracy (0.5%) but at an affordable price.

Smart Tweezers was the original tweezer-based multimeter; over the…

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