Hive Publishing Co. Seeks Help Raising Funds for International Book Launch

Plastic Fantastic: 10 Years of Johnny Romeo

2017 is a big year at Converge Gallery and for one of their artists, internationally acclaimed Australian painter Johnny Romeo. For the last 10 years, Romeo has been one of the most exciting and dynamic voices in the contemporary world of Pop Art. As a way to celebrate and commemorate this decade of greatness, Converge Gallery Director, John Yogodzinski is planning an exciting hard-cover book launch. Romeo’s latest book, “Plastic Fantastic: A Survey Of Paintings, 2007 – 2017” takes a look back at the artist’s illustrious career over the last decade, charting Romeo’s trajectory from rambunctious punk-pop misfit to the Neo-Expressionist Pop juggernaut he is today.

This is not the first book that the gallery has been involved in. In 2015, they published a book entitled “TV Land: an Exhibition Companion Book for Johnny Romeo”, and recently launched a book showcasing all of their 2017 artists back in January titled “17: an exploration of the artists and stories related to all 2017 exhibitions at Converge Gallery.” Unlike these publications, this book will break free from the restraints of self-publishing, on-demand digitally produced books and will require the help of the community to become a reality.

Gallery director John Yogodzinski does not want to sacrifice quality this time around and is looking to raise $10,000 through an Indie Go-go crowd funding campaign. The money raised through the campaign will go towards the layout and initial printing of 500, full color hard cover books and will help launch a new publishing division called Hive Publishing Co.

By launching the book under Hive Publishing Co. the gallery plans to distribute the book internationally and make it available to art…

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