Historical U.S. Military Photo Collection Pays Tribute to U.S. Veterans

On Veterans Day, Americans will come together to show their thanks to U.S. veterans and active military personnel. In the same spirit of gratitude, VetFriends.com — the largest Web site for reconnecting U.S. veterans — encourages the community to visit the VetFriends online collection of authentic military photos, in honor of the many brave men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. All photos are submitted by U.S. veterans, active military, family, and friends — with photos spanning from pre-World War I, Korea, Vietnam, Iraqi Freedom to the present.

The photo collection, found at https://www.vetfriends.com/militarypics, is comprised of thousands of pictures and allows visitors to browse by year, location, specific military branch, conflict, or military unit. Each picture contains background information along with a message and/or description.

In many cases, the posting of a military photo can lead to U.S. service buddies reconnecting with one another, as was the case for Vietnam veteran K. David Herbert:

“A couple of months after posting my photo, I received an e-mail from VetFriends saying someone was trying to get in touch with me. It turned out to be the photographer of my picture and a friend… We have since been exchanging e-mails and he has even added a few pictures of his own to VetFriends too… It was fantastic to hear from him. Thank you VetFriends.”

The VetFriends.com Military Photo Album creator allows veterans to display their military photos with ease. Veterans can upload their service photos – to then be displayed on a personal profile page, alongside with background information associated with the photo, such as the military unit; date; location; service friends present; and description. Veterans are invited to create a free profile at: https://www.vetfriends.com/new_member/index.cfm.

Honor a Loved One Who Served — Post Their Photo in the VetFriends Collection:

All photos, both color and black and white, can be uploaded free at https://www.vetfriends.com/MilitaryPics/image_upload.cfm, where they are then edited, re-sized, and approved for content before being posted live in the photo collection for online viewing.

In addition, photo submissions received through Veterans Day will have a chance to win a free U.S. military hat from the official…

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