Highly Anticipated Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac & Windows Now Shipping

Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac and Windows

Over the past few years, Aurora HDR has become the industry standard for HDR photo editing on Mac. Today marks the beginning of a new era with the long-awaited release of Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac and Windows. Support for the Windows platform is a first for the 9-year old company, and a 14-day free trial is available at https://aurorahdr.com.

Next-generation tone mapping in Aurora HDR 2018 creates very realistic HDR images from the start, and makes it easy to achieve great results without any further editing. When merging brackets, the algorithm analyzes each image separately, automatically detecting dark and light zones and adjusting the level of detail which will produce a very natural looking HDR image. With single image processing, the tone mapping algorithm brings out colours and enhances dark and light zones.

Going further, the new HDR Enhance filter adds details and clarity to an image to make it more vibrant without creating artificial halos or “overcooking” the result. A completely redesigned user interface brings an efficient and joyful experience to HDR photo editing, and, along with overall speed gains, quicken the workflow and allow more time behind the camera.

The new version of Aurora HDR has garnered favorable early feedback from prominent HDR photographers around the world:

Trey Ratcliff, Co-developer of Aurora HDR, photographer, pioneer in HDR with over 16 million followers

“Aurora HDR is the best software to create amazing and vibrant HDR images. It’s your one-stop HDR solution and the new version will just blow your mind. I couldn’t be more excited that the new Aurora HDR 2018 is now available for PC.”

Scott Kelby, Photographer, educator, President and CEO of KelbyOne

“Forget about all those oversaturated and unrealistic HDR images we’ve all seen — this is a new era of HDR, and Aurora HDR 2018 is the tool that’s taking us there. You’ll be amazed with how a subtle level of HDR can create a visually balanced and beautiful image — it’s what you always wished HDR would one day become, and thanks to Aurora HDR 2018, that day is finally here”.

Serge Ramelli, Photographer and educator

“I absolutely love the new Aurora HDR 2018. It’s so much…

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