HighJump Showcases Advantages of Dynamic Waves for Supply Chain Success at CSCMP EDGE 2017

“Being the first to market with dynamic waves is a testament to HighJump’s dedication to and understanding of our clients’ unique needs,” said Chad Collins, CEO at HighJump.

HighJump, a global provider of supply chain solutions, today at CSCMP EDGE is showcasing the top benefits of dynamic waves. Stemming from more than 30 years of customer deployments worldwide, implementing warehouse management systems (WMS) with waveless order processing streamlines operations, enabling supply chain professionals to thrive and differentiate themselves in today’s dynamic landscape.

Handling unique, one-off online orders coming in anytime, from anywhere, is big enough a challenge for today’s distribution centers. Combining this with traditional store replenishment and drop shipping, while striving to meet expectations for faster, cheaper deliveries adds to the complexity. With the right process in place, these challenges become opportunities. This is dynamic waves.

Dynamic waves, or waveless order processing, meet today’s fulfillment demands by constantly releasing and reprioritizing the order pool. Unlike traditional waving, this considers cutoff times, inventory levels, resources, and carrier availability while integrating new orders throughout the day.

Deploying a WMS with dynamic waves enhances the following:

  •     Throughput: Waveless processing eliminates the pauses that occur as waves start and end, upping the amount of orders fulfilled.
  •     Labor management: Work orders are constantly released, eliminating underutilization that typically occurs between waves.
  •     Picking: Operators receive real-time notifications to adjust unit numbers and re-route as orders arise. Picking trips marginalize as the queue is constantly re-evaluated.
  •     Same-day delivery: Traditional waves require a firm cut-off day to plan resources, often a day or more. With tasks released in real time, dynamic waves allow same-day processing.

HighJump’s Warehouse Management System is the first to offer dynamic waves. The most adaptable WMS on the market, HighJump is uniquely equipped to support any workflow and manage the wide variety of order types necessary to meet the omnichannel demands of today and tomorrow. An…

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