Higher Education the Green Way: Eco Tips for College Living

Every year, incoming and returning college students arrive on campus with trucks and moving vans laden with furniture, electronics, bedding, and every other “necessity” for university life. The problem with this system is that for many young people, college is the first experience they will get in real-world experience. And while university websites and back-to-school blogs are often bursting with lists of must-haves from super centers and department stores, there are often far fewer resources for those students looking to live an eco-friendly lifestyle on campus and beyond.

Luckily for those students looking to build a foundation on eco-conscious living, however, there are still ways to get a top-notch education without neglecting your responsibility to the planet. Start by scouring the web for some greener versions of those back to school shopping lists. Here are a few more tips for getting your school year off to the most environmentally friendly head start:

Don’t Buy if You can Reuse

It can be tempting to rush out and purchase brand new bedding, curtains, towels, underwear, carpets and everything else when you’re moving into a dorm. But the first rule of eco-conscious living is to take inventory of the things you already own before busting out the credit card.

Check to see if you can reuse or freecycle things like bedding and linens and don’t buy books until you know what you need, what you can download online, and what you can borrow from the library.

Buy Cautiously

When you do have to make a purchase, do so with care. For example, many dorms have common areas with refrigerators, stoves and microwaves that can be shared by several students. But if this isn’t an option for you, and you find that you have to purchase some small appliances, don’t automatically assume you need to buy brand new. The more people that purchase used models, the fewer carbon emissions released into the atmosphere by the production of new appliances. And regardless of…

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