High Tech PR: Low and No Tech Still Effective

The world of high tech PR often encompasses the latest and greatest gadgetry known to mankind. Some work… Some find practical uses… Others fail miserably. Often, in searching for high tech PR tactics that will grab the attention of reporters and influential bloggers, practitioners of the art will look for gimmicks and stunts and the like; however, the tried and true tactics that PR is famous for can also be applied to high tech PR situations.


In undertaking a high tech PR campaign be it for a product or a corporate entity, you should seek a firm with a specialty in the area. Every industry needs a specific PR strategy to reach out to their preferred audience. A high tech PR firm will be different from those that specialize in environmental public relations or healthcare public relations firm because the audiences they wish to reach are differentiated and therefore accessible via different methods of communication. Naturally, your high tech PR efforts should include social media as well as traditional media forms.


Let’s take a closer look at some techniques that can be applied to high tech PR situations:


Event Conferences. Technology conferences are a great way to get your name out and should be a major part of any high tech PR program. The events offer a company the opportunity to interact with other people from the industry. Even if your product is incomplete, it is important to start building a reputation from the very beginning. Therefore when it does come out you already have fans waiting to hear the buzz and willing to try it out. Event conferences are also a great way to exchange ideas with people, learn from people who may be more experienced in the industry, and even create partnerships if you can find a product that will help increase the utility and overall quality of your product.


Op-ed articles. High tech PR professionals can put you in touch with the right people. It is their job to find journalists and bloggers who are interested…

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