Hidden gems of Saskatchewan discovered in trio’s Canada 150 road trip – Saskatchewan

A trio from Calgary travelling across the country for the 150th anniversary of Confederation say it’s the hidden gems that make Saskatchewan shine. 

Matthew and Karla Bailey and their videographer, Justin Brunelle, are in Saskatchewan this week to check out the province’s historic and tourist sites as part of their “Must Do Canada” road trip.

They were in Regina on Wednesday for Day 79 of their 150-day trip across the country that aims to find out what makes Canada so special. 

Karla Bailey, who is originally from Mexico, says she values Canadians’ friendliness. (Micki Cowan/CBC)

The idea for the trip was sparked by conversations that arose after the U.S. presidential election last November.

“I had read a lot of articles about Canada being different — some called it, like, maybe a beacon of light, and how to work together as a multi-cultural society,” Matthew Bailey said. “I wanted to know what makes us so different.”

As part of the trip, they’re stopping at memorable places in each province and two of the three territories, with the goal of making videos that share Canada with the world. 

Along the way, Matthew and Karla Bailey take plenty of pictures to show off Canada to the world. (Micki Cowan/CBC)

Bailey said part of the reason he was excited to visit Saskatchewan is because its sites aren’t as well-known as those in some other provinces.

“I think sometimes it gets overshadowed, maybe, by the really popular things like Banff and Jasper. And I mean, they’re very beautiful but there’s a lot of unique things here,” he said. 

Local stops 

The team made its stop in Regina on Wednesday, Aug. 2. (Micki Cowan/CBC)

Since arriving in Saskatchewan, the group has already visited Prince Albert National Park, Saskatoon, Regina and Manitou Beach — their favourite stop so far, thanks to the high salinity of the water, which enables swimmers to easily float on the lake’s surface.

“For me, who would have thought that there’s, like, a Dead Sea in Canada that you can float [on] so easily?” said Karla Bailey, who is originally from Mexico. 

The Baileys will next head to Grasslands National Park and Saskatchewan’s sand dunes. 

In the coming weeks, they will publish a video highlighting their journey in Saskatchewan and suggestions for where to visit.

Matthew and Karla Bailey say Saskatchewan is filled with exciting sites that aren’t as well-known as those in other provinces. (Micki Cowan/CBC)

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