Here’s what ‘Despicable Me 3’s’ Steve Carell really thinks about doing voices for Gru and twin Dru

Gru meets Dru in “Despicable Me 3,” the second sequel in the outrageously popular animated movie series.

And for voice actor Steve Carell, it was double the fun to play both the warmhearted master villain of the last two films and now the long-lost twin brother he never knew he had. Carell keeps emphasizing how fun it was, in fact, to bring vocal life to two super silly characters. While we’re sure that’s true, that might also be because he’s kind of embarrassed to fall back on any actorly rhetoric about how challenging the job was.

“It’s so funny to talk about ‘the approach’ to an animated character,” Carell, looking his casual, classy best in a light gray suit and blue polo shirt, acknowledges. “The acting process that goes into something like this is basically making silly voices. I get it — what else are you going to ask about it? — but it was fun.

“I wanted to have the brother just come from a different place emotionally. … Boy, is that going to sound terrible in print,” Carell continues with a few chuckles. “It’s pretentious, it’s crazy. But Gru is a grump, and his brother Dru is very lighthearted and frivolous. I wanted to express that in their contrasting voices.”

Dru speaks with the same quizzical, Middle European accent as Gru in a higher register, with more joy and enthusiasm behind it. But don’t be lulled by his outgoing personality. Dru may seem like the happiest — not to mention richest — guy in the pigs-and-cheese obsessed island nation of Freedonia, but he has one very dark issue.

You see, when their parents broke up shortly following their birth, Mom kept Gru and supervillain Dad took Dru back home with him. The handsome, likable, blond-haired twin never quite had the nasty goods to go into the family business and feels like he was a disappointment to his father due to that. When Gru brings his family — adorable adopted daughters…

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