Here are some helpful Weight lifting routines you ought to know

There are several ways in which bodybuilders workout, however, weight training is essential. You must make sure to work all body parts: chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps, and triceps, in order to get the best looking frame. Each body part should be worked out on, on separate days of the week, leaving one day off to rest. You should also incorporate small cardio workouts, 20-30 minutes, in order to keep the metabolism up, and to keep the heart rate pumping. It’s not about working out fast for bodybuilders. To get the best look and form, you must do slow reps, and low reps. Higher and quicker reps are for weight loss; this is not the goal for bodybuilders. Doing slower, heavier, and longer reps, will get the desired results for bodybuilders, in the quickest time.

First routine is for chest. You want to make sure to hit each muscle in the area, in order to maximize the workout. The major muscle builders are: barbell bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, and incline dumbbell fly. These will target all muscle groups and get the maximum workout. You should do a higher number of sets (8-10) and lower number of reps (5-8), gradually increasing the weight with each set.

Next day is back. The major exercises to hit the larger muscles are: barbell rows, close grip chins, and deadlifts. You can do a few variations to each of these to increase sets. However, follow the same premise, with higher sets, lower reps, and increase in weight.

For day three legs is a good choice to give your upper body a break. Here the major muscles worked will be best utilized doing squats, leg curls, leg extensions, and standing calf raises. With legs you are capable of doing more reps, higher weight, and more sets; therefore, doing this will only get you to your goal quicker.

Day four you could do shoulders. This is a weaker body area in most individuals, therefore, many exercises will be done with lighter weight. The routine should include barbell shoulder press, seated laterals, bent over laterals, and Arnold press These will target all three heads of the shoulder muscle.

For day five you can work biceps. Make sure to include the barbell curl, dumbbell curls, preacher curl, and seated dumbbell curls. These four will workout the major heads of the bicep.

And lastly, triceps. Include close-grip press, overhead extensions, and reverse press-downs Since this is a weaker muscle, lower weight might be used, and doing more reps is advised.

No matter which method you use,…

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