Helmer Scientific Laboratory-Grade Refrigerators Recognized as Meeting New ENERGY STAR Standards

Helmer Scientific medical-grade blood bank, laboratory, and pharmacy refrigerators have been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as meeting new ENERGY STAR® standards. The EPA recently finalized the first ENERGY STAR® specifications for laboratory refrigerators to help facilities identify products that can reduce energy utilization and life-time costs related to this critical category of equipment. This new ENERGY STAR® standard identifies the most efficient laboratory refrigerators that are commonly used across hospitals, clinics, and research institutions to store life-saving blood products, reagents, patient samples, and medications/vaccines.

Helmer Scientific medical-grade refrigerators are available in a wide range of models to meet capacity needs across clinical and research applications. In May 2017 Helmer Scientific submitted energy and performance data to the EPA for certain models. These data were generated by an independent testing lab according to ENERGY STAR specifications and applies to products designed for demanding laboratory, blood bank and pharmacy environments. Please visit http://www.helmerinc.com/energy-star for the complete list of Helmer Scientific ENERGY STAR recognized medical-grade refrigerators. This list will be updated by Helmer Scientific as additional products are tested and recognized.

“Being recognized by the EPA as meeting ENERGY STAR® standards for high performance refrigerators is just one example of achieving our company’s commitment to support sustainability and limit environmental impact,” stated Dennis Smith, Vice President, Research and Development, Helmer Scientific. “We are continuing our efforts to commercialize sustainable and innovative solutions to best support our customers and we look forward to having additional…

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