Heirloom baby blanket stolen from expecting couple

John Mark and Taylor Pendleton are expecting their first child.

“As soon as we found out we were having a baby, we painted the room,” Taylor said.

Last year, they moved to El Dorado Hills to be in a quiet and safe neighborhood.

“That’s kind of why we moved up this way to raise our family,” Taylor said.

So they were shocked when they woke up Wednesday morning to find both of their car doors wide-open. John Mark realized someone went through their cars. The only thing taken was Taylor’s hospital “go bag.”

“It’s a bag that you have anything ready for the hospital,” John Mark said. “That’s why we had it in the car just because were expecting it to be any day now.”

Courtesy of Anita Guadarrama

Also inside that bag was a family heirloom — a baby blanket John Mark’s great-grandmother, grandmother and at least 15 others have been wrapped in after birth.

The last baby wrapped in the blanket was their niece in December 2015.

“It’s almost 100 years old, so it’s very delicate, very thin; handmade,” John Mark said.

“We were looking forward to having our baby be added to the list — but we can’t now,” Taylor said.

Courtesy of Anita Guadarrama

The niece of John Mark and Taylor Pendleton was brought home in the heirloom blanket in December 2015.

The couple is heartbroken their daughter won’t be a part of the family tradition.

“I feel responsible,” Taylor said. “It’s tough knowing that it happened to us.”

It was also trash day. John Mark and Taylor searched almost every dumpster in the neighborhood in case the thieves trashed the blanket — but their search turned up empty.

The couple is now pleading for the thief to return it so they can keep the tradition going.

“Put it in the mailbox, put it on the porch,” John Mark said. “There won’t be any questions asked we’d just be happy to have it back.”

The couple hasn’t…

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